Training course for prevention officers (English) - Gesloten

in Arbo Unie Max Euwelaan 72-74 Rotterdam

What's expected of you? How do you know what health and safety rules there are? How do you apply them in your work? What is your position as a prevention officer? A one-day training course for prevention officers at Arbo Unie gives you answers to all these questions. And more!

Additional course information
Date:  Tuesday,  September, 29 2020
Price: 434,00 euro
Includes course materials, certificate, tea/coffee and lunch

The following topics will be covered during the training:

  • Place, role and position of a prevention officer;
  • Health and safety legislation and sources of information;
  • Risk Inventory & Evaluation: Recognizing risks and prioritizing risks;
  • Plan of action and measures;
  • Drawing up a prevention officer's expertise profile on the basis of risks in the company.

The training is intended for employees who are (or will be) filling the position of prevention officer and employees who are already responsible for developing and monitoring occupational health and safety policy.

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Event: Training course for prevention officers (English)
Status: Gesloten
Locatie: Arbo Unie Max Euwelaan 72-74 Rotterdam
Aanvang: 09:00
Eindtijd: 16:30
Prijs: € 434,-